Leah Marks , Support & Billing Manager


Leah30With over 10 years of administrative and customer support management experience, Leah’s ability to organize and execute is almost assassin-like. She is passionate about creating websites and helping others excel at managing them. So we have dubbed her Elektra, for her mad ninja skills and compassion for others. Leah LOVES to work (something she suspects she inherited from Jim), which with her administrative experience and determination to succeed, is a lethal combination.

Leah is a native-born Californian, but has recently returned from Seattle, where she spent the last five years being rained on. There she was a customer support and operations manager, and project manager for local community outreach programs. When she’s not on her computer, Leah enjoys spending her spare time with her family, playing with her adorable chihuahua, Bella and reintroducing her skin to the wonders of the sun.

Meet Leah

Head of Support & Billing