CJ Hays , Marketing Development Specialist


CJ, known as “The Flash” to our team, has superhuman speed and fast reflexes when it comes to creating timely marketing strategies. CJ has studied the psychology of the conversion and has implemented many successful web-based marketing plans with positive consumer experiences. In the early 90’s CJ worked closely with AOL to direct content development for non-profits as AOL first started developing organizational landing pages (before actual websites were a reality).

CJ has designed consumer marketing interaction for Motorola, Ford, National Geographic and a number of media outlets in addition to successful businesses he has founded. In addition to CJ’s online marketing experience, he led a second life as an investigator protecting corporations from trade secret theft and economic espionage. CJ is a member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers and is the Director of Communications for a CIA Cold War Memorial. CJ has also been active as a volunteer is all aspects of public safety from search & rescue to firefighting and law enforcement.

In his private life, CJ is married with 4 children, two in medical school, one in the air force and a college freshman studying business. He enjoys hiking, photography, aviation, live music, collecting police, fire and military memorabilia, gourmet cooking and battling evildoers.

Meet CJ