Chris Hesenflow , Designer


Chris Hesenflow is the amazing designer of each and every one of our Virtual Results sites. Chris, dubbed Superman by our staff, demonstrates superhuman skills in speed, talent and accuracy, whether needed for a quick fix or an intricate and detailed mock-up design.  We rely on Chris’ expertise and experience to add beauty to the elaborate function of each custom website. Chris’ professional background, both corporate and entrepreneurial, allows him the depth to truly understand the needs of Virtual Results clients.

Chris enjoys weightlifting, fitness and a healthy lifestyle.  He loves rock music and often utilizes it as a tool to get his creative juices flowing.  Chris spends much of his non-computer time with his wife, two children, and four dogs.  Despite the fact that he lives in Texas, Chris often saves the day at Virtual Results using his psychic ability to determine a client’s desires.  This, combined with his laser vision and uncanny knack for swooping in and getting it right, causes us all to pause and marvel at our own Superman, Chris Hesenflow.

Meet Chris


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